Friday, January 10, 2014

Review: 'Tis the Season by Rob Rosen

Reviewed by SinChan
'Tis the Season (A Torquere Sip) by Rob Rosen
Torquere Press
Short Story: 14pgs
1 Pant Off

The sweater blinks in red and green, but all is not merry for Jeff when he discovers that the airport is closed and there's no way to get home for the holidays. A Christmas miracle, however, is soon to present itself in, of all things, Jeff’s ex, David, who has a private jet at his disposal. And once a member of the Mile High Club, always a member, making this a Christmas no one will ever forget.

Short Review
Jeff wants to fly home to spend Christmas with his family. On the day of his flight, the airplanes won't fly. In comes his ex, David, to the rescue. He has a private plane that'll take them to the same town. David uses this chance to make up with Jeff.

This story reminds me of every cliché thrown together. The wildest one: airplane sex.

The story is also super short so that definitely doesn't help with building up the story and character development. There is basically no back story for the MCs. The reason why they broke up in the first place (except some youthful misunderstanding) is unclear. So now that they are grown ups, they will have airplane sex to magically fix their relationship? I'm missing a big chunk of the story here.

On the other hand, the Jeff and David are cute together, especially in their matching Christmas sweaters.

Overall, this is a story of a Christmas miracle. Jeff gets to go home for the holiday, the MCs gets back together, and the parents accepts their relationship. This is a very short, light read with only one major scene that's on the airplane.

1 Pant Off

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