Thursday, January 30, 2014

Review: Transparency by Ethan Stone & Sara York

Transparency by Ethan Stone & Sara York
Short Story: 49pgs
3.5 Pants Off

Charlie is the quintessential bear. Big, muscular and hairy. But that isn’t the type of men he’s attracted to. He is drawn to men like Taylor—short, smooth, and sexy. Taylor is Charlie’s idea of the perfect twink. But there’s something about Taylor Charlie doesn’t know. Taylor is unsure about a lot of things, but when he sees Charlie, he instantly knows he wants him. The only issue standing in his way is how Taylor views his own masculinity. He’s afraid that Charlie will leave once he knows the secret Taylor wants to keep hidden. Can he be transparent with Charlie and allow him to look behind the image he's so carefully constructed?

Taylor is Female to Male transgender and he is just looking for love and a guy to spend his nights with. Bad experiences have led to him to give up hope on finding a man that will understand he doesn't have a dick but that doesn’t mean he isn't all male. He hits up glory holes giving blow jobs to get himself off and live in his fantasies of being in love. When he hits up his usual spot for a little blow action and spots the man of his dreams. Taylor knows that he'll never land a guy his Bear, so he knows to be content with his fantasies and glory hole fun.

Charlie is looking for a sexy twink and he happened to just walk through the door. Charlie would love to get to know his sexy little twink, but before he can even come down from his orgasm boy is out the door so fast. Charlie is alright with waiting cus he knows he'll see the beautiful boy again and catch him before he can run.

While this story is very short it really manages to hit on some heavy content and manages to come out being very feel good and leaving me the reader happy. Enough reality in the story to make you want the characters HEA, and while I like reality a little scene at the end there felt fake to me. I understand what the authors were trying to do, a way to prove Charlie's investment in this new relationship with a trans individual I felt like he did enough by just accepting Taylor. So Charlie's little douchebag friend there felt a bit contrived.

Overall, I really liked the story and it does have a positive vibe that I wish existed in RL. I am always happy to read about Trans* characters and Transparency invokes a nice reaction for my feels. A cute read!!

3.5 Pants Off

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