Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Review: Shadowkings I: The Beginning by Mychael Black

Reviewed by Whuppsy
Shadowkings l: The Beginning by Mychael Black
Torquere Press
Novel: 163pgs
4 Pants Off

Witchcraft and homosexuality are punishable by death, but it doesn’t stop Lucca Moretti from embracing both. Lucca fears no man, but he has one weakness: his twin brother, Gabriele. When tragedy strikes, Lucca and Gabriele have few options, but they do have allies. They flee from the wreckage of their family’s home and take refuge in the home of Lorik, the unofficial leader of the vampires in the city of Rome. Lorik offers them safety, but not without a price. 

Gabriele has spent years fighting an unholy desire for his twin, but even his fear is no match for the lure of Lucca’s kiss. In this new world they’ve stumbled into, however, there is much more to the people around them than meets the eye. 

The vampires are at war, and Lorik’s court mage sees something in Lucca that could turn the tide in their favor. Secrets come to light which can either aid the twins in saving the new family they’ve found, or destroy them all.

This book was different from what I normally read. I’ve not had a chance to read much Twincest books, but this was filled with so much imagination and vivid storytelling, that I couldn’t resist it.

Lucca Moretti is this guy who is in love with his twin. That is first and foremost what you need to know about him. He’s that bad boy who everyone always falls for. He has always had these powers that he’s known for, and not in a good way. The people talk about him, that he’s evil, but he’s really not. He’s got these gifts that even his brother has no idea about. Even in taking pleasure in other men, it’s always his twin that he sees. He is this deep, dark character that really pulls you into his web.

Gabriele Moretti is the sweeter twin. He’s been in love with Lucca for as long as he can remember. He waivers back and forth regarding what he feels for Lucca. He’s battling the teachings of the Church and what he thinks is right. Gabriele is innocent in the sense of the darkness that seems to follow Lucca around. He’s the conscience and softer side whereas; Lucca is the harder, dominant side.

This story had vampires, different realms, and Shadowkings. It was filled with harsh violence. The very things that the author described was harsh and made me catch my breath. It was part of the story and it wasn’t truly excessive, but it was harsh. I loved how the vampires were written. It wasn’t the stereotypical view of them, but it was still a nice and different version and it helped make the story even better in my opinion.

The secondary characters were such a part of the story that they also helped it flow smoothly. They were in turns very helpful and some, just there to stir the pot. They each carried a part of the story on their back to help or hinder the brothers along. I really liked Lorik and Dorian. I liked how they each brought out different things to the table. There are so many wonderful characters in this story; I can’t to see what happens next.

The story really flowed smoothly. I wasn’t taken out of the story at any point. I read it straight through. I was drawn into the story and when it was over, I was sad. I then remembered that this was only the first part in a series and that I’ll get to see these guys again.

4 Pants Off

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