Sunday, March 2, 2014

What's Happening This Week!!

Hey folks, hope you all doing wonderfully and not suffering from this extreme asshole of a weather. Can I just say with all honesty, that this is the worst winter weather I've lived through. Like with that ice storm over the holidays which destroyed like all the trees and left so many without power. Also, there is this below freezing weather that happens on like a daily (can it be spring already please).

I know GRL registration happened this week for both authors and the general public and that was another crazy. Though I would love to come to GRL this year, I'm gonna have to hold off and hope to see you guys in 2015 *fingers crossed*.

So without further ramblings here's whats causing a pants losing this week...

It's All Geek To Me by JL Merrow (DarienMoya)
King of Dublin by Heidi Belleau & Lisa Henry (Whuppsy)
Trouble and the Wallflower by Kade Boehme (DarienMoya)
Riding Tall by Kate Sherwood (Whuppsy)
No Such Thing by A.M Arthur (DarienMoya)
Inches of Trust by AR Moler (Whuppsy)

Guest Posts & Giveaways:
The Professor Rule's Blog Tour (Every Inch of the Way)
Guest Post: Fight by Kelly Wyre

Other Posts:
Yaoi: What to read in 2014

~Have A Great Week~

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