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Review: All These Hidden Scars by Avril Ashton

All These Hidden Scars (Loose Ends, 0.5) by Avril Ashton
Novella: 185pgs

4 Pants Off

Blurb: When I leave, I never return the same

Pretending came far too easily for Sullivan Black. One of the reasons he rejected his privileged family and joined the FBI. But those dangerous assignments take something from him every time, leaving him a mess, unfamiliar even to himself. As he struggles to shed the skin of his latest op, he finds solace in the most random of places.

Bar manager, Carter Renault’s only intention was to escort the lonely stranger out of his place before he locked up. Yet somehow they end up in an alley, Carter’s pants around his ankles. Their encounter is intense. A onetime thing. Except months later Sullivan is sneaking through Carter’s window, appearing and disappearing at random. The blistering-hot sex doesn’t hide the obvious torment Sullivan is going through, but Carter doesn’t want to be caught in the middle.

Just when he thinks he’s seen the end of that undercover life, Sullivan gets pulled back in. But this time, his identity is no longer a secret, and the aggressive need he has for Carter could get the other man killed. To set everything right, Sullivan has to face the one man he loves and hates in equal measure… his twin.


I was in a book slump until I started reading this book and it started a slope of me really getting into this series. All The Hidden Scars is dirty, angst filled, and just a overall good time. Seems Ms Avril Ashton never disappoints. 

Sullivan Black finds it hard to shed the skin of the people he pays when he goes undercover. Sometimes he wonders if being a man who sells people and peddle drugs is who he really is. He knows that he has to get out in order to retain even a fragment of his former self. Drinking himself into a oblivion seems like a good way to drown his sorrows but what he wasn’t expecting is his instant attraction to the bar owner. Carter has Sullivan feeling some sort of way and fucking him will relieve the itch he never knew he needed scratched, what was to be a quick nut in an alley way turns into something more and all Sullivan can do is breathe all that is Carter. 

Carter doesn’t do love after the ultimate betrayal from his last relationship. So, when a drunken ass Sullivan gets too cheeky flashing his badge and making moves, Carter knows he shouldn’t fall for it because the man's face spells trouble but Sullivan is irresistible, and soon Carter has his pants at his ankles whispering “go”. 

"They fucked. In the shadows of his living room, near-silent save for the muted slap of skin when they connected. Flesh against flesh. Damp and hot. And their grunts. His Moans. Sullivan's hiss. They fucked. 

What was supposed to be a onetime thing turns into a many a time thing and suddenly feelings are all over the place and Sulli is fighting it with all he’s got. But Carter brings him to life, he’s willing to give it all to be with him, too bad he’s gotta crazy twin brother who won’t let him go and he’s pulled Carter into the freak show that is his life. Sullivan gets called into a mission he doesn’t want, and he knows that once he goes in he might not make it out a live, but duty calls and shit and man if given the opportunity has to save as many lives as he can.  
The men do a dance that is both angst and sexy and I swear this shit is officially my mood. I love how unapologetic these dudes are about killing and protecting. I live for it sir!! 

"On the list of places, I want to be, and people I want to be with, there's only one." He Lowered his arm and stared up at Carter with those seriously dark and piercing eyes. "You" 

If you’ve read Avril’s previous series then you know all of her stories are very intertwined with fave character popping out and protecting their friends. Sullivan while not my fave character from this series, I still dig him. Carter is the sweet well balanced to Sulli’s ruthlessness and also his home. I can’t say I had a complete handle on his character but I didn’t mind him.  

Once again, the author offers up a wide diverse set of characters which is never surprising. Avril is that author that has representation in every book. Black, Latino, Asian, and wide range of races can be found in her books, also with strong female characters, trans characters and all the cultural stuff just done very well. If I ever find fault it won’t be for those reasons. I love it, I love it, I love it.  

All These Hidden Scars while not my favourite, or one of her best books out there, it still was an entertaining read with lose your panties scene. Can I get an Amen for my bad boys..Amen! 

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