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Review: Scars and Ruin by Avril Ashton

Scars and Ruin (Loose Ends #2) by Avril Ashton
Novel: 228pgs

4 Pants Off

Blurb: The man known as Dutch is fine with being hated and feared. He keeps his mask on and his secrets close. There’s only one person who reaches past all that to who he used to be before the job hit too close to home. Sacrifices must be made, and Dutch steps up do just that. He’ll gladly pay the price to make sure Varun Patel is safe.

Loyalty to family expects it. His heart demands it.

And Patel rejects it.

Half of Varun Patel’s life resides in broken shadows he’d rather not remember. The other half is taken up by a man whose words push him away while his actions hold Patel close. Patel can’t forget the one night he spent in Dane Hutchins’ arms. The night promises were made. The night promises were broken.

If it were up to Dutch, Patel won’t ever know the bargains struck in his name. He won’t ever know the memory of them keeps Dutch fighting in his bleakest moments. But Dutch should’ve known that in the lonely hours, Patel would come for him.

And when that time arrives, there’s no saying no. There’s only the inevitable.

Love amid the ruins.

Warning: Contains references to sexual abuse/rape.



Book 2, in this spine tingling, giving you girl boner series. While it didn’t kill me dead like the first book it did have some intense sexy moments and as you already know bad boys are my aesthetic. And these boys are the right type of bad... 

Dutch aka Dane aka Hunter is a hard man. He doesn’t play by the rules and will do anything necessary to achieve his goal, so along the way he’s made a lot of enemies. What he does the best, is protecting those he loves and there is nothing that he won’t do to cement their safety. What he’s willing to do to protect Varun Patel is a sky is the limit thing. Varun makes him weak, Varun makes him vulnerable but he needs him close. Years ago, they could have made a future together but reality has a way of slapping you in the face and calling you it’s bitch and Dutch is a bitch to realism. He deals in death and secrets so there is no room for love. Love is for other people, guilt and yearning was made for him. 

Varun Patel wants Dutch something fierce but the man keeps pushing him away. He wants all that he is, the bad and good because Dutch is the man who is his everything. The job they do puts them in so much danger and can leave a man to turn to stone but Dutch…Dutch brings him to life. So, the fighting is done and its damn time they find happiness, he’s done running away because now the only running he’ll be doing is into Dutch’s arms. 

Let me tell you something, I really hated Dutch in the previous books. He was a low down mofo without morals air ethics. Alas, there’s a rhyme to his reasons and while he isn’t always making money moves his heart was sometimes in the right place (well kinda in the right place but a little crooked to the left). 

The biggest obstacle these two had were secrets. So much secrets its like they wrote the book on it. Is there anything more frustrating than tough guys hiding all their manly feelings? Just man paining all over the place. It’s both a frustration and a beautiful thing 😩 

Look at this man pain…. 

"Can we not do this?" Patel snapped. "You threatened Stoyan, and I want to know why."   "People in Hell want ice water." Dutch allowed a sneer to his lips. "They’ll have their wish granted before you get yours, I bet." 
Again we have the oldies but goodies with the characters we’ve all come to love. I’m just waiting for an avenger type assemble because these dudes be crossing paths and hating on each other which really at this point it’s nothing but brotherly love. They be so hating!!  

Scars and Ruin is another amazingly entertaining read from this author. What you need to remember with these books is that all this shit is not out for a realistic feeling but a good time feeling. Throw in the diversity that we’ve come to love and respect and I am just here for it all.  

I love this shit!! 

Jokes aside, I really appreciate all the characters in these books. There’s a real sense of family, acceptance, and true cultural references. As someone with a Caribbean background everything is always on point. I salute you Ms Avril Ashton for writing real diversity and not sticking to “what will sell”. We are here, we are real, we fall in love, we are attractive, and we deserve stories. 

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