Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Review: Souls for Sale by Asta Idonea

Souls For Sale by Asta Idonea
Nine Star Press
Novella: 139pgs

2.5 Pants Off

Blurb: When demon Saul persuades comic book artist Tom to sign over his soul in exchange for a night of passion, little does he know what lies in store. Demons can’t fall in love—or so he’s been told—but he finds himself smitten and attempts to destroy the contract, desperate to save Tom from an eternity of torture.

With Saul and Tom forced to run, a showdown between Heaven and Hell ensues as the angels and demons argue over who owns Tom’s soul. But does either party have a stronger claim than Saul?



I can say I was intrigued by the cover of this book and the blurb also pulled me in. A rogue demon who falls in love and goes back on a soul deal (gasps). It had me at hello but I wanted to be telling it goodbye way quicker than anticipated. 

Saul is in the soul buying business and he’s the best at it. He wins them over with sophistication and killer looks and without any real push, people just sign their soul over to spend one night in the sack. What can he say he’s just that good (rolls eyes). When he spots the geeky looking guy in a bar Saul knows he’s gonna land himself another soul without lifting a finger. He’s gonna go finesse the shit out of him because who can turn down a night of carnal delights with him? He’s got this dude hook, line, and sinker. 

Tom dear old Tom. Looking for love, looking for lust, just out here looking for whatever. He can’t even bring himself to talk to the waiter he has a crush on, so he spends his time just staring at him. When he’s approached by a very handsome man Tom can’t believe his luck, but he realizes that something is up because in no way would a man like Saul ever be interested in him. When talks of soul selling pops up It doesn’t surprise him but he’s set in his conviction that a night with Saul is worth a eternity in hell (rolls eyes x2). 

Then the crazy ensues!! Saul realizes that he can’t let a sweet guy like Tom have an eternity burning, plus he’s starting to feel things in his demon heart for Tom and he wants to keep experiencing it. They find themselves on the run trying to out maneuver demons but also trying to live their best life and the icing on the cake is that Heaven has also taken notice. Can Tom soul be saved and can our men have their happily ever after? 

This book was just…I don’t even have the words. Can I call it pretentious? Because it really freaking was. The writing is first person and crazy because you’re invited to be apart of the world and by apart of, I mean Saul tries to drag you into his crazy. Sorry dude, all that shit is most definitely on you alone.  

You’re just as culpable as me, you know—you stayed for the show, after all. You wanted excitement, wanted to see me in action. 

Look, I can sense you rolling your eyes, making out you’re not convinced, but who’re you to talk? You keep following me around like a stray dog. We both know you can’t get enough of little old moi 

I would go to the ends of the earth for that boy. I would attempt impossible deeds for his sake. Not that I’ve been horsewhipped or house-trained. I’m still the man, still wearing the pants, still in control. Don’t think for one second that Tom has neutered me. 

There’s something about the writing that’s just too formal and I couldn’t get as caught up in the story as much as I wanted to. It also gets too OTT which really suck because if there was ever a story with potential, Souls for Sale is it. A demon falling in love and going rogue that’s the making of something sexy, but alas I didn’t get any of that here.  

I just kept reading to see where it would go and it didn’t go anywhere I truly enjoyed. The idea behind Soul for Sale might have been a good one but the executing was weak, and the characters forgettable, and the writing way too pretentious. The boys did get their HEA but by then I had stopped caring.


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