Friday, July 15, 2011

FanFiction Friday!

So every Friday I am gonna share a list of the great fanfiction I have read over the past week. I gotta say, some of these writings are insane good. Its become my latest addiction, and I am hoping it become yours. The brightside is that its free and offers up some great hours to waste away, doing nothing but getting caught in the fantasy of characters who would have been insanely good together; but the author of the original content had other ideas. Or, they will be together but its taking a ridiculous amount of time for the bending over action to go down 'ahem, J.R Ward'.

So here's a few authors who did the work for us.
Lover Destined  (Quinn and Blay pairing).  The Black Dagger Brotherhood World.

How to Turn a Straight Guy Gay  (Jasper and Edward non-vamp) based loosely on the Twilight story
McFearless  (Jasper/Edward non-vamp) Very hilarious and incredibly sexy
I Wept Not  (Jasper/Edward Vampire) Very Sweet
Said and Done (Jasper/Edward Vampire) One of My faves. Funny/Sexy

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