Thursday, October 6, 2011

Taken (My Surprise Hit)

Taken by J C Owens
Etopia Press 
Novel: 158pages
5 out of 5

Kidnapping the brother of a mob boss was madness. If only it had stayed that simple.

It had all gone wrong. Sent as a mercenary to kidnap Kirith Martinelli from his tropical island home, Landon finds himself on the wrong end of a job gone bad. But there's more to Kirith than meets the eye - he's the brother of feared mob boss Enzo Martinelli, and he's taken Landon as his captive. Kirith makes Landon an offer he can't refuse: stay with him for three months - until he tires of Landon's body - and then Landon may go free.

Landon, fearing his own criminal family more than the man before him, quickly agrees. Three months will buy him enough time for his brothers to lose his scent, and then freedom will be his. But that freedom has a steeper price than Landon bargained for as he's drawn into the secrets of Kirith's past. He can't ignore the sadness and loss behind his captor's beautiful eyes, and Landon finds himself wondering if three months will be enough - for either of them...

Taken was my surprise hit of the year. Believe me I had no expectations going into this book; I was expecting an ok read. However, for all that is sweet and holy I fell in love. I was expecting the captured man; to fall in love with the person who captured him you know all that predictability. Let me tell you; I got awesmazingness.

Landon is to kidnap the brother of a mob boss. He is not looking forward to the job, but he is a slave to his life as a mercenary. In addition, he lives by the rules of his brothers, who at every opportunity abuse him. He dreams of the day he can escape and leave the life of a criminal behind. His brothers has other plans for him. That includes the guy who ordered the kidnapping of the mob bosses brother, and the look in his eyes says his service as a killer will not be needed. In the future, his ass would probably tell you why.

From the get go the mission smells of doom. A private island, shits way too quiet and there seems to be some sort of party. Landon worst fear is to hurt innocent people and he hopes that it won't come to that. Everything is going way too smoothly, entering the house and waiting out the victim. Until all hell breaks loose and Landon realizes that, his escape might come in the form of death.

Landon is captured by the very man he was sent to capture, and Kirith is all sorts of pissed. By the look in the man’s eye Landon knows he’s about to be used and abused. Seems his life leads him to one doom after another. When Kirith has a change of heart and offers Landon the deal of his life, he would be a fool to refuse. Is his pride worth more than his life? ‘Oh Hell No’. They both never expected to fall in love, because this was supposed to be about sex, and about Landon gaining his freedom.

The book then becomes a rollercoaster ride of awesome. Its gut wrenching, sad as fuck, sexy as hell and downright a smash freaking hit. Landon and Kirith are like molten hot lava thrown on your skin. Yes people, it burns so good. The events of the book I never saw coming, and it made my heart ache. Be prepared to be surprised, because if you honestly said you saw it coming then clearly “you are lying”. I warn you that this book is no easy love, and some readers might find the relationship of Landon and Kirith questionable. They are not perfect characters, and there is no perfect HEA. Because when life hands you lemons, you just squash the fuck out of them.

I was intrigued and am in love with a few other characters from this story, and am hoping they get their own story. I Want More!

4 1/2 Pants Off
Go Ahead Take Those Pants Off

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