Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Trifecta by Kate Sherwood
3 out of 5

Mark and Alistair think they’re happy with their open relationship -- they can have all the anonymous sex they want, and still come home to each other for love and affection. That changes when they discover that they’ve both hooked up with the same guy, and, worse, that they’re both falling for him.

Tyler is a take-it-as-it-comes type, happy to coast through life on his good looks and charm. He doesn’t have ambitions and doesn’t make plans, but when he finds himself involved with Mark and then Alistair, he starts wishing that he could have something more long-term.

Nobody has any doubt that sex between the three of them would be fantastic, considering how hot things are when there’s only two involved. But can they make it something more? Is the threesome destined to be a scorching memory, or can they find a way to overcome their challenges and hit the trifecta?

All the ways I was excited to read this one. A book from one of my favourite authors, and about the genre she is excellent at. I was like “bring on the ménage a trois” halfway through the book I was literally in tears of frustration. With all honesty I thought ‘Kate Sherwood did not write this’ there is just no freaking way. I am supposed to be loving the hell out of this book that was shelved as ‘Can’t wait to read and lose my pants’. I just wanted to cry. Please don’t misunderstand Kate is an excellent writer; I just did not love this one.

Mark and Alistair is a couple with an open relationship. Mark is a pilot and is frequently away from home, so it was decided up on that he would sow his wild oats when he is away. Though one condition is very clear, it will only be for sex and both will come home to each other. I totally didn’t mind that, both men were aware of it so it was just apart of the story. Mark who is recently gay, and divorced his wife to finally be truly happy. He is still taking baby steps to living life as a gay man. The journey hasn’t been easy, but he is coping and coming into his own.

When Mark decides to hit up a gay club, looking for a little action. He realized that the club scene isn’t for him and he feels like a fish out of water. The night isn’t a bust, and Mark hooks up with a hot little thing. The sex is mind blasting, but the run in they both have with Alistair isn’t (seems Alistair was away and Mark brought his hook-up home to play). The hot little thing turns out to be Tyler a stable boy/horse trainer (isn’t that just so cliché). When his horse is injured he once again runs into an awkward situation with Alistair yet again. It doesn’t remain awkward and uncomfortable for long and Tyler becomes the centrepiece for both Mark and Alistair.

All right folks, it sounds interesting and exciting, and it sorta is, but my ire lies in the fact that Alistair/Mark become skeevy. They both swore to never mix feelings with sex but throughout the whole book, Tyler becomes an obsession for both men. I thought they were supposed to be in total love with each other, but I never once felt it. All thoughts were on stable boy Tyler. Ahem, Tyler he is a piece of work. He just came on to both men like white on rice, not wanting to cause ‘problems’ but did so at every turn. I could not love him or even like him, the smooth talking f*cker.

I will end this one now, and as you can see all characters are on my chopping block. Even at their HEA, I was cursing them to hell and high-water. Kate is a talent but this book did not sit well in my heart, still love her writing style and I don’t doubt her skill in writing a wicked ménage. If you are a fan, please do pick up a copy of this book; who knows you might love it.

3 Pants Off

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