Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 Book Wrap-Up- Butt Virgins or Overall Virgin

This was the year of the butt-virgins. I must have read over forty books with one of the MC’s being a virgin. It’s like a serious wicked goodness when you get a virgin, especially if it’s a very naughty one ^_~ so here are my top fave virgins of books I read in 2011.

1) Blaque/Bleu by Belinda McBride

Virgin: Lucas Blaque
I loved Lucas soo.... much! He was all sexy, all wolf and all virgin. I loved his intensity and the fact that he didn't sleep with a woman to prove anything to himself or to anyone. Lucas is lava hot and I love him. Check out review Here

2) Conquest by S.J Frost
Virgin: Jesse Alexander

I loved this book and I loved Jesse. He is hellaciously hot, but waited for that perfect someone. This virgin is a winner, and makes no apologies about asking for what he wants. Check out review Here

3) Concubine by Jill Knowles
Butt-Virgin: Prince Kael

I wasn't a fan of Kael until close to the ending of the book, but I loved him in the end. Plus man, you gotta love the things that get done to this butt-virgin. Check out review Here

4) Taken by J.C Owens
Butt-Virgin: Landon

I loved this book and I loved Landon. I can't express the awesomeness that is Landon, he truly is a surprise. Check out review Here

5) My Summer of Wes
Virgin: Mal

I loved Mal in this super sweet story about a young and blossoming love. Mal is shy but becomes all types of sexy. You will fall in love with this virgin. Check out review Here

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