Thursday, December 29, 2011

Teacher's Pet

Teacher's Pet by G.A Hauser
Novella: 110pages 
Rating: 2 out of 5

When twenty-two year old Jeremy West decided to take a few art classes in addition to his computer engineering degree, he had no idea that one of his professors would knock him off his feet. Professor Peter Foster, a young handsome and talented thirty-four year old professional artist, put Jeremy into heat every time he sat in his lecture hall or attended his sculpture class.

Soon, Jeremy's good looks caught his teacher's eye. Finding a way to meet with him after class, Jeremy learns that the object of his desire is living with a young woman he married on one drunken night in Reno a year ago.

A relationship becomes inevitable as the two find the physical attraction they share too much to deny. They begin a secret affair together until suspicion is aroused and rumors begin to circulate campus. A relationship between them was inevitable, but will Peter make the changes in his life to open the door for this new love? Or will he be simply just another favored student, the teacher's pet?

As a reader and a reviewer, I am very easy to please. I think in my whole history of reading M/M books I have given a two star rating at least three or four times. As I wrote, I am very easy to please. Therefore, it came as quite a surprise when I found myself disliking everything about Teacher’s Pet (like everything). I am a fan of G.A Hauser, but it seems her books either are a hit or miss for me.

Teachers Pet started out good enough and then turned into a story I cannot even describe without being viciously mean (I won’t be). Jeremy West is a college student getting ready for another year in school. Jeremy is gay, but hasn’t really told anyone, he uses school as a reason to why he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Until he takes some elective courses and the professor, the very male professor captures his attention.

Professor Peter Foster has the attention of all his female students, but it’s the one male student that has caught his eye. Jeremy seems interested and willing, but he is married after all. Even though his wife is a real bitch/gold digger and it’s a marriage he would rather not be apart of. Jeremy is young and attractive and he wants him, so why not have him. It would be a teacher/student relationship, but Peter is willing to risk it for a chance at sweet young Jeremy.

It sounds fabulous and wondrous, and I have been looking forward to reading it so bad. It started out wonderfully but then totally fell apart, because every character is just either too much or not enough. I liked Peter and Jeremy together (somewhat) they have an easy friendship, which I really liked. It’s the relationship aspect of it all that just seems all kinds of phoney. Peter seems to have no clue of what a relationship should be like, and I wanted him to get an opportunity to just be himself and live. He jumps into a relationship with Jeremy, after saying he also rushed into two marriages. Jeremy is believable as the young college student; I am just not in love with his character.

The sex is… I don’t even want to talk about it. Nothing about it felt right, and its coming from one of my favourite tropes (young guy gets poked by older dude) it leaves an ache in my heart. There is not one character I really enjoyed *not one*. I just wanted to love this one but I couldn’t, everything felt very contrived. I am just very disappointed, because it’s a bloody teacher/student hook-up and that’s like my thing. I can’t even bring myself to like it a lot.

2 Pants Off
I Think It's Best We keep Our Pants On!

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