Sunday, January 1, 2012

Whats Happening This Week!

Its a new year folks and I am glad to be here. What I have planned for 2012 is... absolutely nothing. I like to be spontaneous and I tend to just do what pops in my head. I do plan to keep giving you guys more reviews, and giveaways. So no worries on that front, and I am glad that you guys are here with me. Its been fun in 2011, I got into the whole blogging thing a little late but I love it. So this year I want it to be HUGE! So enough of me rambling and check out what will be causing a pants losing this week.

Monday- I want to share of what I hope will happen for the blog this year. I want to also express my feelings and stuff for you my readers. Talk about all the firsts for this year, and the authors books I plan to read this year. Its freaking awesome.

Tuesday- A review for Second Chances by Jeff Erno, absolutely happy he's back with another book. I enjoyed this one (to be expected).

Wednesday- Review for Once A Marine by Cat Grant. Here is my first, first for the year. Newly read author.

Thursday- Review for Modern Mythology by Penny K. Moss. Another first, it being my first lesbian book. This is a predominantly M/M book review site but it is a LGBTQ site after all. So I call it broadening my horizon!

Friday- Talker by Amy Lane. Previously reviewed in 2011.

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