Sunday, February 26, 2012

What's Happening This Week: Author Week

Howdy folks!I can't believe another week is beginning, where does the time go? I want February to be over, because it hasn't been the greatest month for me, but I am hoping March brings good things.

I have a crazy awesome week planned. It's Author Week on Pants Off, and I am reading/reviewing books by the awesome Anne Brooke. Also, Anne will be stooping by for an interview and giveaway. So its gonna be fun, so be sure to stop by and get in on the fun. So here's whats causing a pants losing this week.

Monday- Review for The Delaneys & Me. I really liked this short, so funny and sexy time.

Tuesday- Review of Entertaining the Delaneys & The Art of the Delaneys. These three men sure know how to have a good time.

Wednesday- Anne Brook is stopping by for an interview and giveaway. So stop by and see what Anne has to say.

Thursday- Review for Give and Take. I liked this short, about a man starting to get out in the world again after losing his partner to cancer.

Friday- I review, for One Night Only. I really wished this one was longer.

Saturday- Dating the Delaneys. It must be so tough to date, the sexy crime twin.

Check out my review for The Heart's Greater Silence

So stop by and check out Author Week, I hope it's the beginning of many author weeks to come.

Have a Fab week folks ^_^

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