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Josh of the Damned Triple Feature by Andrea Speed

Josh of the Damned Triple Feature (JotD #3) by Andrea Speed
Riptide Publishing
Short Novella: 66pgs
Rating: 4/5

What most people call a hellish shift, Josh Caplan calls a normal evening. After all, he works nights at a convenience store beside the mouth of hell, selling snacks to zombies and lizard men.

Some monsters are odder—and more dangerous—than most. Like the rampaging, oversized mustache who skips the Pringles and eats the customers instead. Or Cthulhu’s half-brother Stan, who doesn't know how to take no for an answer . . . or where to put all those tentacles.

But killer facial hair and inept hentai beasts pale in comparison to the monster even other monsters fear. When hell’s big boss demands a sit-down with Josh, she reveals a destiny bigger than he’d ever imagined—or wanted. You'd think preventing the apocalypse would net Josh more than minimum wage and a hot vampire boyfriend, but it turns out saving the world can be a pretty thankless job.

I really enjoyed reading the third book in the Josh of the Damned series. I had to scamper off to read the first two stories, which wasn’t a hard feat because both stories were delightful and short. The series is about Josh an employee at the Quik-Mart doing the night shift, and has run ins with all sorts of paranormal creatures since a hell vortex opened near the store. Josh handles all the craziness with wit, and calm attitude that I’m sure no one in his position would be able to do (I know I couldn’t).

Josh of the Damn Triple Feature has three stories that offer a lot more of Josh’s world, and an exciting development in the plot. The combination of ordinary meeting extraordinary creates this wonderful balance, and will leave the reader with a smile on their face.

TF is broken down into three stories; the first two are just so absurd that it’s freaking brilliant. Night of the Mustache, we have this giant 70’s looking mountain of hair that’s out on a rampage. Throw in some bikers and Josh’s sexy
vampire boyfriend Colin and you have a recipe for success. The development and world building starts with the Stache, and Josh learns that he might not be so ordinary after all.

I Was Cthulhu’s Love Slave has Josh working during the holidays. This story had answers to some of Josh’s questions and he finds out how the vortex came to be. Also, Josh might have some monster pheromones because they all seem to want to get a piece of him, judging by the crazy squid monster trying to put his tentacles everywhere. Once again sexy vampire boyfriend to the rescue, and Josh’s own personal love slave (Peek-a-Boo).

The final story is the icing on the cake, Interview with the Empire. It’s the most detailed story of the bunch and we get a deeper look into the world of the creatures. Josh learns some shocking truths, he gets drunk, and he might lose his job at the Quik-Mart. Enjoyed the development in the relationship when it comes to the hot vampire boyfriend. I feel like we know more about Colin, instead of him just being the pretty monster.

Overall, enjoyed reading this book. It’s a great fun filled read, good for just kicking back. I anticipate the creatures that author dishes out, the common and the uncommon. She totally owned this, and I look forward to more Josh and his monsters.

4 Pants Off

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