Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dear Diary by Allison Cassatta

Dear Diary ( Dear Diary #1) by Allison Cassatta
XoXo Publishing
Short Novella
4 Pants Off


Chris Bishop is an All-American type guy with the perfect family, perfect grades and perfect girlfriend, with a bright and shiny future ahead of him.

He thought he had everything planned, thought he knew it all. But one summer, a kiss, and green-eyed hunk changed his whole life. Volunteering in a law firm was an opportunity for his future but it took him in a direction he never thought of or dreamt could happen.

Oh Emm Gee, what a freaking cute ass read this was. I really loved how the story started with Chris getting ready for his senior prom and sharing how he fell in love with a boy. What makes it truly unique is that he’s telling it to his diary, and while he relives the experience of being attracted to a man for the first time, I totally was just so caught up in it all with him.

I could picture it so clearly in my mind. I can see Chris pacing his room, getting excited while he shares how he met Josh while working at a law firm over the summer. His shock, fright, and excitement in his realization that he is gay. Loved the interruptions from his family, and the ex-girlfriend so very cute and touching. With the ending, it totally threw me but made me light up like a 100W bulb *shit is bright*.

I think this story is incredible because it captures Chris’s feelings so perfectly. In reality, this could have been any boy, just right on the praecipe of being a man, and discovering his sexual identity along the way. I really recommend this story if you want to read about young love, and the wonderful feelings that come attached to it. So sweet!

I loved the ending, and in a perfect world, that’s how it should always end. There is nothing more important than your children’s happiness. So thank you Allison for writing a realistic portrayal of a young man falling in love. I really enjoyed reading this one.

4 Pants Off

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  1. I reviewed that one last year and agree. It is totally adorable and I loved the ending.


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