Thursday, June 7, 2012

Subject 13 by Ethan Stone

Subject 13 by Ethan Stone
Amber Allure
4 Pants off

Luke Kincaid's life is exploding all around him. First his lover leaves him to marry a woman, then childhood nightmares return with a vengeance.

Luke’s friendship with Ben Skinner and relationship with Kyle Morgan helps him heal his broken heart, but the nightmares, which are actually repressed memories, threaten to destroy the peace he has found.

Soon, Luke’s investigation into his past puts his life—and the lives of the people he cares about—in danger. But he refuses to give up, not even when he finds out he is connected to a massive government cover-up...

The books I end up liking always surprise me, and Subject 13 definitely did surprise me because I wasn’t really feeling it in the beginning. I did really enjoy it by the end there, though it did feel a bit rushed and all over the place.

Luke has just been dumped by his long time boyfriend for a woman. So he’s having a hard time wrapping his mind around why his lover Shane has ended things so suddenly and is getting married. Well he decides he wants to confront Shane on the day of his wedding. He’s left hurting a lot that day, but does rekindle an old friendship and gains a new one.

Luke is plagued by dreams he use to have as a young boy, there more intense and they are starting to feel like memories he repressed for many years. There seems to be more questions popping up than answers and Luke is determined to find out what happened to him before he was found in the dessert barely alive at the age of six. His investigation gets him caught up in an army cover up, and he might be putting those he care for in danger.

I really enjoyed reading this one. Kind of shocking since the whole army cover-up mystery wasn’t very strong or believable, and I’m not one hundred invested in Luke as a character. I did enjoy the best-friends to lover’s trope it gets me every time! I also enjoyed the little interracial love thrown in, while it didn’t last it sure was freaking hot as hell.

While found this story to be lacking compared to what I’ve read from the author before, it still had the honesty in the writing, which I think fans will appreciate. All the raunchy man love your heart can take, and the happy ending we all long for. I enjoyed the twist at the end, just when I thought it was over ‘bam’ I get hit with a surprise. Sequel I predict a sequel.

Overall, I liked it and look forward to reading more from Ethan Stone, his writing is sexy!

4 Pants Off

*Be sure to stop by tomorrow, because Ethan Stone will be here for an interview. Gosh he's a lot of fun*

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