Friday, June 8, 2012

Interview with Ethan Stone

I am so very excited to have Ethan Stone on Pants Off today! This is my most fun interview yet, and I loved how he answers all my questions honestly. No holding back! Please help me give a warm welcome to Ethan Stone.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how long you've been writing? 
I’ve always had a very vivid imagination. Early on it was acting out adventures in the woods behind my house. Then I started putting pen to paper. For years creating my own soap opera was my creative outlet.

Was gay romance something you always wanted to write? Or did you develop an interest over time? 
I’ve written many erotic stories which I put on websites like Nifty. I had ideas for stories with main characters who were gay but didn’t think there would ever be a market for the stories. Discovering the m/m market was a monumental event in my life. Finding an outlet for my ideas was awesome.

You have a few new releases out. Can you talk a bit about them, and your future plans in writing?
Subject 13 is a government conspiracy/thriller. Luke Kincaid tries to stop his ex-boyfriend from marrying a woman but fails and finds friendship and more with an old friend-Ben Skinner. I loved writing Luke and Ben and would love to write the next chapter in their story. Subject 13 is available from Amber Allure.

Bartender, PI is a fun and lighthearted novella available from Silver Publishing. Linc Carpenter, a disgraced pro hockey player, tries his hand at both bartender and private investigator. He’s rather inept and incompetent but his heart’s in the right spot. He meets bodyguard Brady Williams who stands in his way. Linc and Brady definitely deserve another story, I just have to find the right idea.

My writing future? Hopefully there is one. I haven’t been able to focus on a story. There’s been drama in my personal life and that’s
created problems with my muse. I’m hoping my muse comes back soon.

I have a love/hate relationship with Flesh from In The Flesh. Was there a point in writing his character that you felt like 'Maybe he's a bit too much'
I have a love/hate relationship with Cristian Flesh too. And believe it or not, I did tone him down from the first draft. I did wonder if readers would hate him. But I’ve known men like him. The love me or leave me type guy who don’t make apologies for who they are. And it’s for the same reason that Cristian is a hard man to write.

I am a huge fan of Interracial/Multicultural love in M/M books, it's one of the reasons why I enjoyed In The Flesh. Can we expect another interracial love story from you?
Subject 13 featured Kyle Morgan, a black man, and I would like to write a story for him. I do like Interracial/Multicultural love stories as well. I don’t resist if a character tells me he is something other than white. I’ve never been about skin color in my personal relationships and my writing reflects that.

Who has it better Top or Bottom? 
That’s like asking which is better, pizza or ice cream. They’re both absolutely, fucking, amazingly fabulous! I can enjoy either role equally, depending on the man I’m with. For me, topping is enjoyable no matter who I’m with. With bottoming it depends on who I’m with and it’s not size that makes the difference. I’ve been hung dudes who don’t know what the hell they’re doing and I’ve been with guys who average sized cocks or even smaller than average who rocked my world! Damn, I sound like a whore. Well, if the condom fits.

~ ^_^ Love the answer ~

Pants, is it better to write with them on or off? *My own little research* 
Pants off are much better for those scenes that involve hot sex. Saves time and all that.

The gay Twilight, would you write it? *Of course with sex and all that* 
You can just about guaran-fuckin’-tee I will never write a vampire book. I know a lot of people who love them but they’re not my thing. If I were to ever write a bloodsucker story it would have to be totally different. Though I did have an idea once about a vampire who’s bite turned people gay. He’s not evil…just lonely.

Vampire's aren't your thing *mind blown* may I ask why no vampires? So do you like Werewolves a little more, or do they growl just a little too much?
I do like werewolves a little more than vampires, though I'm not sure why. With vampires it seems like there is no way the story different. There's only so many ways to tell the mythology and they've all been done.

How do you feel about a 3-way romance in books? Believable or Not?
If you had asked me a year ago my answer at the time would’ve been different. Back then I would’ve said absolutely yes. Because I was part of (what I thought) was a fairly successful three way romance. Now, I’d say absolutely not.

~My mind just went to seriously pervy places~ 

Thanks Ethan for being here today and you are welcome to comeback ANYTIME!

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  1. Great interview guys! Ethan, i have to say I LOVE Cristian! and especially him and Colby together. They are among my favorite couples.

  2. I've never read an Ethan Stone book before but I think I will after reading this interview. I love the blunt and honest answers!

  3. Nice interview guys.

    Just to be provocative, I don't think a relationship not working out doesn't mean it didn't work out because threesomes are unworkable, necessarily. My twosome didn't work out, that doesn't mean all twosomes are never going to work. Mind you, given the divorce rates these days, maybe it does. :-) However personal experience can't help but color opinion. And I suppose the romantic in me likes to think it's possible, but it also likes to think a successful HEA twosome is possible (but a tiny part of me doesn't believe it). Oh cynic, thy name is Tam.

    The new books sound fun. Congrats.

  4. Fun interview guys!
    Have got Bartender, PI to read - need to find a nice beach

  5. Great interview!! "If the condom fits..." Love it!! I love your books too Ethan. I cant wait to read Bartender, PI and Subject they're both on my TBR list.

  6. Great interview Ethan. Not surprised that you tell it like it is! :)


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