Thursday, July 19, 2012

Guest Post: Happy Blogiversary From Storm Moon Press

When Darien announced this event, I was thrilled and jumped right in. Pants Off has been one of those blogs that, while focused primarily on the reading and reviewing of gay erotica and erotic romance titles, has been open and encouraging to all parts of the spectrum of sexual and gender identity and expression.

I first came across Darien when she reviewed Storm Moon Press' Wild Passions anthology over at Three Dollar Bill Reviews in October of last year. It was one of those reviews that just made me smile, not only because she enjoyed the majority of the stories in the anthology, but because she had devoted a little time to each story in her review instead of leaving everything completely vague. She qualified her 'I liked this!' with '...and here's why'. It set Darien apart immediately from a bunch of other reviewers.

Upon looking at Pants Off Reviews shortly thereafter, I'd discovered it was a place I had been before. There was once a blog post on the site where Darien listed a bunch of cover art from books that used the same image on the covers (Re: Recycled Covers). Seeing so many versions of the same stock art was immensely amusing to me (I'll even admit that one of my covers uses the same stock image. XD), and I respected how much time must have been spent hunting down similar covers! That, or Darien had a healthy collection of e-books, which definitely isn't a bad thing for a reviewer just starting up their re/view blog.

Now, as the Marketing Director of Storm Moon Press, it's my job to always scout out new review sites and offer the proverbial olive branch. Darien and Pants Off Reviews was one of the first I'd reached out to with the option of being part of our actual review list. Large presses typically send their books automatically to reviewers through different sites, but I like the hands-on approach, so I sent an e-mail to Darien and enticed her with our newest release of the time, Aleksandr Voinov's Counterpunch. This was Darien's first publisher-provided copy at Pants Off, and I'm so proud to have given it to her!

The rest is history. Pants Off has been a great place to send readers looking for enthusiastic reviews of our titles. Even when stories don't quite hit the mark, Darien finds the positives and explains her rating of the story, which is the mark of a conscientious reviewer. It's been a pleasure working with Darien and Pants Off, and we look forward to many more reviews and a lot of fun blog tours at this site!

And remember, S.L. Armstrong and I (K. Piet) will be here at the end of the Blogiversary with our special story using the dialogue you all put in your comments a few days ago. The story will be hilarious, and we hope you enjoy our random act of silliness in celebration of this blog!

Happy Blogiversary from Storm Moon Press, Darien! We look forward to making you lose your pants many times in the future!


  1. There have been very few books that I have encountered that I couldn't come up with at one thing that was good/positive. I like that the reviewers here always explain WHY they feel the way they do about the read. Not just good or bad.


  2. I could not agree more! Darien's reviews are always honest, but fair. She also has a great sense of humor. She definitely has a way with words when describing how certain stories make her Especially when they cause her to lose her pants! :D

  3. It's that sense of humor that keeps bringing me back to this site. And ideas, she's just full of them.

    I was a new author in January 2012, scared as hell because it seemed that people weren't liking my book very much. I'd submitted it to several review sites, but only one had reviewed and it wasn't a very positive review and the replies were even less positive. Darien was the first to shock me with a 4.5 star review and she has a special place in my heart for that. There were many 4 and 5 stars reviews of my book after that, but Darien's is one I remember the best because it came at a time when I really needed some reassurance that I should continue writing.

    Okay, I'm sounding all sappy now, but this is how it is.


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