Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Review: Bishie Sparkles by Karenna Colcroft

Bishie Sparkles by Karenna Colcroft
Dreamspinner Press
Novella: 82pgs
4 Pants Off

Long-time yaoi fan Grant didn't expect to be so attracted to the main character of his latest purchase—and he definitely didn't expect to wake up next to him one morning. But that’s what happened. Even the sparkles, hearts, and small animals from the manga follow Teruo around Grant’s apartment. If Grant weren’t so distracted by lust, he’d find it really annoying.

When Teruo announces that he intends to stay with Grant because he has nowhere else to go, Grant is both pleased and terrified. Grant has been alone too long, and even with the sparkles, Teruo has made his way into Grant's heart. But if Grant can’t find the words to tell Teruo how he feels, Teruo might vanish as suddenly as he appeared

Color me surprised by how much I enjoyed this story. I went into reading with preconceived notions about what would be written, because yaoi moved over to M/M can be a bit predictable. Seriously, there was no rape, watermelon eating, and no ‘straight’ character just down for a bit of fucking. Though the timeline and plot might be overly unrealistic, it really added a lot of fun in those 82pgs.

Grant is a yaoi reader, which is like having me at hello. He is so excited to get home and do some yaoi reading in the privacy of his home. Grant finds himself getting all hot and bothered for the uke Terou, and he wants the fictional man in bad way. The next morning when he awakes to Teruo, sparkles and all Grant cannot wrap his mind around how the man came about.

I really loved the plot in this one! Just how awesome would it be if one of your fave characters appeared next to you in bed? For me it would be hella awesome. Imagine my pants losing if Asami from Viewfinder appeared in my bed or Vishous from the BDB. Lets just say that I would be a very happy woman :D

The story is very different and rather cute and I enjoyed reading it. I loved how Teruo sparkles, it so funny and yet so lame at the same time. It’s quite a different read, but still manages to capture yaoi aspect without being stereotypical. I’m glad there was no crying, rape, and character torture >.< 

I will be looking for more from Karenna Colcroft, and that cover is seriously pretty.

4 Pants Off


  1. I bought this one a few weeks ago but I haven't read it yet. I'll have to move it up the list. Sounds cute. Cole's hooked me on aliens with human pets and m-preg so I have to finish that first. LOL I might need some sparkles and little animals after that one.

    1. O_O What!! You must share with me about these Aliens with human pets and the Mpreg. I love me a good Mpreg :D


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