Thursday, August 16, 2012

Review: Bringer Of Light by Lyra Blue

Bringer of Light by Lyra Blue
Voodoo Lily Press
2.5 Pants Off

Four people in love... with each other.

Leigh has a secret: she can get inside your mind and give you the best sex you've ever had. But her special ability lets her do far more than she ever dreamed possible.

She hooks up with hot, sexy actor, Zeke, and his friends, Michael and Kat, and they bravely explore that power and realize just how far it can take them.

Love is exciting when it's between two, but when it involves four? It's explosive!

Another book I really wanted to like, but about half way through it completely failed on many levels. My initial excitement came from the fact it was a polyamory plot. You know me and my three is never a crown and one more is always invited, so lets just say I was excited to read it and to be losing my pants all over. I hardly lost my pants and I fear I might have missed a lot because I just wasn't interested :-(

Leigh is a waitress and lives a simple life. When her regular customer Grunge comes in to eat, she already knows what he wants to order, she always knows what he wants to order. When Grunge who is an actor invites her unto the set., its there she meets Zeke Kaye a man that would become her life partner and introduce her to Kat and Michael the others she would grow to love.

Well Leigh is not just your girl next door. She has some unique abilities and a different outlook on how people can live and love. Her abilities vary from reading auras, mind reading, telepathy, and telekinesis (just a few of the amazing things Leigh can do). During the discovery of all her abilities, the two men and women try to find a way to make their unconventional relationship work. What started as a trial quickly grows into something long lasting and fulfilling. The story then moves into them living as a family, and the affects it will have on their life, if any.

So as I said wanted to like the book a lot more, but it really fell apart for me. This being my first book where four people are in a committed relationship I was excited, but the main character Leigh really did not do anything for me. Since it’s her POV I was in ire for most of the book, she was just too good and too much. Without giving away anything, her having, so many abilities led to disbelief, which took away from the story. I think if Leigh was just a waitress without all telepathy and all that I would have enjoyed her more, I would have enjoyed the book more. She represented the glue that kept them all together, as if being what she is the reason that the foursome can work. I don’t believe that was the author’s intentions but that’s what I got from it.

The scene *slight spoiler* with the unborn baby really pushed it over the edge. My eye roll numerous reached significant highs and I just couldn’t….

The upside is that this is a love story, and its not meant to give us all this hot sex with four people but to offer up that ‘love is love’ no matter how many people you throw into the mix. I enjoyed Zeke, Kat, and Michael a lot, and wish there was more of their POVs would love to have gotten to know them better.

Overall, I liked it but there was just too much that felt like borderline fantasy and my heart couldn’t really go into it. Nevertheless, if you’re curious to read about four people in love, go ahead and check it out. You might end up loving it.

Astral projection O_O I just can’t…

2.5 Pants Off

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