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Review: Technically Dead by Tia Fielding

Technically Dead by Tia Fielding
Dreamspinner Press
Novel: 200pgs
2 Pants Off

When Brandon Roland’s parents kicked him out for being gay, he turned to prostitution to get by—something that almost cost him his life when he was attacked by strangers. Bran was saved by a vampire named Heath, and during their year together, Bran’s life was good—but then Heath sent him packing for reasons unknown.

That was twelve years ago, and Bran’s come a long way since then. He has an education, a job as a social worker at a vampire/human youth shelter, friends, and a tattoo he adds to annually to commemorate another year without the love of his life.

The trouble with being a very old vampire is that the older you are, the less you feel. Heath is over nine hundred—he was sure he'd never experience emotion again, but he never counted on Bran. When Heath accidentally stumbles back into Bran’s life, it changes more than either man thought possible—and then history literally catches up with them and turns their lives inside out.

I am so disappointed in this book, after I was so excited for a pants losing. Well, there was no pants losing and I am inclined to forget this book in the next week. There’s so much that really throws the book off and leaves you feeling like you are trying to connect a puzzle. It was jumbled and had no flow and eventually it just fell flat, I am a fighter so I stuck it out in the hopes of it getting better. There was no such luck. I was taught that if you don’t have anything good to say don’t say it (I think I already said the no good >.<). I will just share why this book did not work for me.

Bran is a social worker at a shelter that caters to human and vampire youths. He knows about life on the street because he had to spend some time there and did some things in order to survive. When he is beaten up almost to death, he is later rescued by a vampire and brought back to health. The vampire is called Heath and they begin a relationship. Bran was with him for 1 year and was in so much love he thought their life together was perfect until Heath kicked him to curb without any form of an explanation. 12 years later Bran is still reeling from the loss, but now he has his job and his friends.

The road to Bran finding stability wasn’t an easy one, after Heath broke his heart he spiralled out of control. With the drinking, and partying and almost ruination of his young body he had hit rock bottom. When he gets into a bar fight and is injured he has spend some time in the hospital, its there he meets the man who would then become his lover and give him a new meaning to life. Now he has it made with lots of partners to share his bed, until he bumps into Heath and he throws his life upside-down once gain.

I really tried to like this one but the only great thing about it is the cover. The story and the characters are all over the place and the entire time I was like "what is the point?" I am no editor and I barely know how to use the comma but something should have been done to create a better a flow of the plot and overall delivery. The entire thing is a jumble of scenes, which at often time has nothing to do with each other, and I spent the whole time reeling and trying to catch up. For instance, Heath was reflecting on his life and suddenly he's talking about someone called Lilac. I believe Lilac is a horse, but the jury is still out on that one.

I felt no sympathy for Bran as a character in fact I could barely tolerate him. I am still trying to figure out if he really is in love with Heath or he just missed the coolness of a vampire body. Because that’s all he goes on about, how he just wants to be close to a vampire to be wrapped up in the blood and sex. He really irks me! Also, he's supposed to be 32 but something went wrong because all I was getting is that he’s still twenty he just has a job now and a house. He has the mood swings of a child and the personality of a doorknob. I am moving on cus I have nothing nice to say. I have no feelings for anyone in this book I neither like nor dislike them; I am just "whatever".

A whole bunch of crazy happens in rapid succession and none of it made sense (at least to me). It really was a great big disappointment and nothing gelled. Vampires are supposed to be awesome and stuff and no one was awesome and stuff, absolutely no one. The cover is exceptional though. This one did not work for me but I do not speak for everyone because "one mans garbage is another mans treasure". I do have one question, where did the vampires come from and how did humans find out about the existence? I think I missed that as a part of the story, but because nothing else made sense I would like that part to.

2 Pants Off

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