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The Flesh Cartel #3: Choices by Heidi Belleau & Rachel Haimowitz

The Flesh Cartel #3: Choices by Heidi Belleau & Rachel Haimowitz
Riptide Publishing
Short Story: 67pgs
4 Pants Off

The Flesh Cartel returns for a compelling second season with "Choices." Brothers Mat and Dougie Carmichael thought nothing could be worse than being snatched from their home and brutally dehumanized in preparation for sale as sex slaves. But they learn their suffering has only just begun when they’re shipped to their new master’s home.

Professional trainer Nikolai Petrovic is a master of his trade. His ultra-rich clientele pay him to create perfectly tailored playthings, and Mat and Dougie are the latest in a long line of men who have walked into his remote mountain home as terrified victims and left it permanently altered: subdued and obedient, ready and even eager for a life of service.

To achieve this, Nikolai must take a drastically different tack with each brother. Dougie, manipulated with affection and denial. Mat, controlled by pain and fear. The one thread in common for both men is choice. Nikolai prides himself on never forcing, but will Mat and Dougie submit willingly to his vision, or will they first need to learn the price of disobedience?

This title is part of the The Flesh Cartel, Season 2: Fragmentation serial.

Warning: This review is more rant than review. I cuss a lot, hate on Nikolai, and want him to be killed by gigantic black bears.

Choices picks up right after where episode 2 left us, where Dougie has to get all up in Mat to make sure that they get sold together. I don't even need a refresher, because all the episodes are tattooed to my brain. I might be permanently scarred, and the way I feel about this series is just too hard to place in words. I fucking love it, but then I feel like it’s too much of the same thing (like how much more disgusting can they get short of killing either Dougie or Mat). Let’s just get this out there, I hate everyone in this series that isn't Dougie or Mat, so yeh that goes for two faced ass wipe Nikolai. I don't think he can redeem himself ever, even if he cuts off his balls in penance.

Dougie and Mat have left the facility, Dougie placed in isolation and Mat placed with lunatic guards on something as wholesome as an RV. The trepidation of not knowing what to expect is deep within his gut but at least there is the norm of rape and cum in his face. Just another one of those same shit different day. Downside, he doesn't know where his brother is, and he's feeling both the guilt and the rage. While Dougie is pretty much close to losing his mind, being locked in the dark without water, food, and no other human contact. He struggles with what might be worse the daily tortures or suddenly none. It's a hell on earth for the Carmichael brothers.

Then in comes, saviour Nikolai who I hate more than everyone combined. He's there to train the brothers, and bring them to their full potential, but I only have two words for him: Fuck You. He's doing the double task of good cop, bad cop with his choices/consequences speech and I am calling "bullshit" but I do give him credit that he's an excellent manipulator, but what can I say...when you're on top the only thing left is down. So I see him being a nasty bastard for some time, with his "I'm so excellent at training slaves and I know everything". Your neutral feelings mean squat, just makes you all the more bastard, because at least with facility we knew that they were just disgusting. Nikolai is something else entirely.

Nothing big happened in this one, unless you count Nikolai being in the whole damn episode. It’s clear now that Dougie and Mat will be put through the grinder during training, and they better have their wits with them because ultimate trainer man of consequences is about to bring his A-game. I wanna commit character murder in the worst way.

It’s quite apparent what my feelings are for this serial, but I do love it because its bringing out such strong emotions in me. I fear to think that people can be so cruel, but then you think of the selling of flesh/human trafficking in reality and I know that they can be. What I am really wanting is all these MOFOing bastards to get covered in all natural honey and get dumped in a bear (giant black bears) infested forest *nods head* and they rip them apart from the legs up.

The Flesh Cartel is...sick, genius, terrifying, too much, not enough, and so totally addictive I can't wait to read episode 4 (though douche face is gonna be all up in that one too).

Be afraid, be very afraid!

SideNote: That cover is so awesome it pisses me off, Nikolai looks way too cool in that chair *grrr*

4 Pants Off
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  1. You and I share the same feelings. I call this a "train wreck" because it's horrible, but fascinating. I can't turn away even though I want to. I feel anger, and sadness. I want to jump right into those pages, kill everyone and rescue Matt and Doug. I keep asking, "why do they deserve this much pain and agony". The answer is, THEY DON'T, but I'm not writing this, so I can't stop it.
    Time will tell if I am happy with how it ends, or if I hunt down 2 authors and commit mayhem upon them.


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