Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Review: Truth or Lie by Lynn Lorenz

Reviewed by Whuppsy
Truth or Lie by Lynn Lorenz
Amber Allure
Novella: 133pgs
4 Pants Off

Travis Conners is a firefighter who barely made it through high school. Why would Anthony Pappas, an adorable second grade teacher, be interested in him? Travis is willing to find out, if Anthony will give him a chance.

Being descended from a goddess, Anthony Pappas possesses a unique gift—he can tell when people are lying. Sounds good, until your boyfriends all end up lying to you. Anthony's tired of it. It's easier not to get involved than to have your heart broken time and time again.

When a little redheaded boy brings the men together, these two heroes will have to find the courage to take a leap of faith and follow their hearts...

This tender story is about Travis Conners-a firefighter and Anthony Pappas-a schoolteacher. Both of these men came to each other with pasts that haunt them still.

Travis, as a child had problems learning in school. Therefore, he thinks that he’s not smart enough. Definitely not smart enough for Anthony. Anthony grew up being a descendant of goddess and his power of knowing when people lie to him has made him feel trapped. He’s had so many guys that he’s dated lie to him that he’s given up even looking for Mr. Right.

They meet when Travis shows up to Anthony’s class for Take You Dad To School Day. Travis is there for his nephew, whose father died in Afghanistan. As you can imagine, they have such an instant attraction to each other. They both need to just take a leap of faith in each other and work it out.

Now, this short story just gave me such a feeling of light heartedness. I smiled my way through this book. It was sweet and tender and I couldn’t get enough. These two guys were just so perfect for each other. Sweet as can be. I loved how they came together and then fought to stay together. I loved watching them work on their issues. Yes, it was a bit of insta-love, but being a descendant of a goddess, what do you expect?

I would recommend this book if you just wanted a sweet, gentle story that didn’t have any real angst or drama. With an HEA that you can’t wait to see these two guys get. You’ll enjoy watching these two fall in love.
4 Pants Off

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