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Review: Waiting For A Prince by K.C Wells

Reviewed by Fehu
Waiting for a Prince (Island Tales #1) by K.C Wells
Island Tales Press
Novella: 117pgs
3 Pants Off

When trainee hairdresser Mark sees Sam for the first time in the salon, it’s lust at first sight. Sam is Mark’s living, breathing fantasy guy. He couldn’t be more perfect. Of course, there’s the tiny, insignificant detail that Sam has a girlfriend. Hell….. A chance meeting on Mark’s favourite beach brings the two men together, and Mark finds himself with a new friend. As they spend more time together, Mark grows to see Sam less as an object for his lust and more as someone who just… fits. But falling in love with your new best friend—especially when he’s straight—is bound to bring heartache in the end.

Sam likes Mark. As in, he really likes him. And he’d like to get to know him even better. But Sam has secrets. There are things going on in his life that he can’t bring himself to tell Mark about, because the shame Sam feels is too much to bear, and not something he ever wants to share with another living soul. And if Mark ever finds out how Sam really feels about him, and the fact that he’s lied to him…. Sam can’t take that chance.

Then one drunken night in the pub changes everything….

Interesting topic, certainly an unusual angle on an abuse story in an m/m romance. Mark is the only male hairdresser in a salon on a small island, so his being gay is not exactly a secret. It's in the hair salon he meets Sam, who intrigues him from the start. What Mark doesn't know is that Sam might remind him of things he rather not remembers, like the death of his father, whom Mark’s mother abused until he died.

Sam seems to be in an abusive relationship and Mark wonders, like he did with his father, why one would endure something like that. When Mark has the chance to befriend Sam after a chance meeting on a nudist beach, he takes it. But Marks feeling don't stay at friendship and he falls in love with Sam Prince, whom he knew from school and now had a chance to get to know and who became his bestfriend.

Sam is in the closet, since he knows his father would disown him and Sam works for his father's company and coming out would mean he would lose his family and his job at the same time. His fiancé is blackmailing him into staying with her, even though she is abusive, or she'd tell his father the truth about his sexuality. After meeting Mark, Sam comes to see some things differently and now has a reason to come out and free himself.

At times I was very frustrated with the characters, I was wondering alongside Mark, why Sam would tolerate his girlfriend’s abuse. Mark's father might have cared about his son and wanted to distract his wife’s attention from him, but Sam lets his father pressure him in a relationship he doesn't want. He is a grown man and has a good profession and work experience, why not just work for someone, who is not his father????

Sam has known he is gay for a long time, but he just cannot admit it and acts cowardly towards Mark, when Mark admits his feelings, he (Sam) acts enraged and betrayed, while he has been lying to Mark all the time!

The story had and interesting concept and was well executed, but the characters didn't charm me, like they did in the second book in this series. Don't get me wrong it's a nice story, but I just was too frustrated about Sam's behaviour to truly enjoy the story.

Should You Read It? You might if you want to start with the first book in a series.

3 Pants Off
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