Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Review: Coliseum Square by Lynn Lorenz

Reviewed by Whuppsy
Coliseum Square by Lynn Lorenz
Amber Allure
Short Story
3 Pants Off

When Mark Madison accepts a position as tutor in New Orleans, he does so to run away from his past. Yet he never once believed the house on Coliseum Square would actually hold the key to his future.

Royal DuCote, the wealthy owner of the house and father to a son named Luc, is dark, sexy, and haunted. Ever since the death of his wife and Luc's mother, nothing has been the same. Luc refuses to speak or let Royal near him, and putting Luc in school is out of the question, so he hires a tutor for his son. But when he meets Mark Madison, he's instantly attracted to the younger man.

As tensions build between the Mark and Royal, Luc's affliction becomes a mystery Mark wants to solve. But will what Mark discovers destroy all that is left of the DuCote family?

Short Review
Mark Madison whom we meet as he’s travelling to New Orleans to start his life over with a new name and a new job as a tutor to young Luc DuCote. Royal DuCote is his new, handsome employer. When they meet, Mark is instantly smitten with the dark-haired man. What Mark doesn’t know is that Royal is just as smitten with him!!

As the story progresses, you find out what made Mark leave his home and change his name. Here at Coliseum Square, he can start anew. Luc, his young charge hasn’t spoken a word since his mother died two years prior. Herein lies the mystery…how did she die? Who killed her? Despite Mark’s many suspicions that Royal may have killed his wife. They still fall in love.

This sweet, tender novella was really just a nice, easy read. The mystery was handled well. The insta-love was there, but it didn’t really bother me. It was more sweet than anything. A nice, fun read.

3 Pants Off

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