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Review: With or Without Him by Barbara Elsborg

Reviewed by Whuppsy
With or Without Him by Barbara Elsborg
Samhain Publishing
Novel: 347pgs
4 Pants Off

"The most dangerous refuge could be his lover's arms. "

Everyone has at least one deep-seated fear. For Tyler, it's being in debt. He's so desperate to get out and stay out of it, he'll do almost anything-including selling his body at Saturday night sex parties.

But he refuses to open his mind to anyone, especially the men paying to use him however they want. The only time he's truly happy is during the week at college, when he can escape into his music.

The moment Haris sees Tyler playing piano at a concert, he falls hard, and he's willing to do whatever it takes to make the guy his. Even if it means-for the first time in his life-opening his wallet as wide and desperate as his heart.

20,000 to live with a good-looking guy for four months? How can Tyler resist the chance to ditch the sex party scene for good? But neither man realizes how much they're risking. And when outside forces close in, ready to destroy them, the trickiest part about the next four months could be just surviving.

This story starts off with young Tyler Bellamy going to his Saturday night sex party. It’s not something that he enjoys doing in the least. He does it to pay off his school debts. Tyler grew up in foster care after the tragic deaths of his family. He’s been alone and he’s struggled. He’s now in college aiming for a degree in music. He’s only been doing this for the last couple of months, but he’s starting to hate himself for doing this, but he figures anything to help him get out of debt. It’s only his body. Never his heart or soul.

Enter Haris Evans. He’s this wealthy, older gentleman who sees Tyler the night he performs at a school recital. He is smitten with the younger man. He follows Tyler from the recital hall to his next “appointment”. Once he’s there, he sees that Tyler is hurt and afraid. Haris quickly comes up with a distraction and gets Tyler out of there. He wants Tyler and he’s willing to pay him $20,000 for four months.

As the story moves along you find out how Tyler’s family died. You find out why is he is the way he is. Why he comes across so hard and aloof. You also learn about Haris’ life. How he was born in Saudi Arabia and expelled from the country. Why he has scars on his back.

Their relationship is fraught with miscommunications and omissions. They move forward two steps and fall one step back. Yet, they keep plugging along in this boundary pushing relationship of theirs. However, what they don’t know is that they are caught up in the perfect storm from outside forces.
Tyler’s recent past of Saturday night hookups are coming back to haunt him. He’s trying to get out and they won’t take no for an answer. Haris’ past is coming back to haunt him as well. They have to band together and are fighting for their lives.

Now, for one of the best characters..Wilson!! He’s Haris’ butler, driver, etc. He’s the best little comic relief. He’s this wonderful blend of hypochondriac and sarcastic smartass. He adds the right blend of fun to this book. His love affair with taking in dogs and nursing them back to health is just so freaking appealing. I love his loyalty to Haris. I also love that he’s also Haris’ sounding board and gives him what he needs the most…the unvarnished truth.

I loved watching Tyler’s growth in this story. How at the very beginning he was the man who never gave anything of himself and how he grows into this stronger man who can both give and receive love. How he learn to trust and give of himself. It was beautiful to see. I enjoyed Haris as well. Here was a man that survived this horrific event in his past and yet he found a way to keep going. To survive his past and make something of himself. To see his growth and also find love and allow it in his life. I enjoyed watching the missteps that they took and yet still find their way back to each other.

This book was overall a great read. It has tragedy, angst, mystery, humor, love, hope and redemption. This book is worth taking the time to read. It’s always fun to read a book that combines so much goodness and let it take you away. I love watching people making their own families and fighting for them.
4 Pants Off

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