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Review: Baja Honeymoon by Roland Graeme

Reviewed by Whuppsy
Baja Honeymoon by Roland Graeme
Dreamspinner Press
Novel: 286pgs
3 Pants Off

When up-and-coming actor Rick Decareau, aka Deke Rowe, learns his fiancée cheated on him with her ex, he immediately breaks off the engagement and all wedding plans… except the honeymoon. Why waste a great road trip up and down the Baja peninsula? To make the time away even better, Rick impulsively invites his friendly neighbor, Ken Bollinger. After all, nothing sexual will happen between two buddies on a trip.

The somewhat promiscuous Ken is attracted to open-minded Rick from the start and assumes Rick is straight. So he sets out with no expectations, but on the road, they become close, and step by step, Ken succeeds in seducing Rick, even teaching him how to enjoy three-way sex along the way. Unfortunately, Ken's getting too much of a good thing: the more serious he becomes about Rick, the more he fears Rick is using him as rebound comfort from his broken engagement. Can Ken protect his heart before he falls too far? Or does Rick have other plans for the two of them?

Rick Decareau is this up and coming actor and he’s moving into a new neighbourhood that is closer to his studio for work. He’s also engaged to this Bulgarian Supermodel who has had a couple of engagements under her belt to begin with. Rick doesn’t let the rumours of her past get in the way of making plans for them to enjoy a Baja Honeymoon.

While moving into the neighbourhood Rick meets Ken Bollinger. A man who owns his own business Ken is openly gay and is very attracted to Rick. They meet several times to just get to know each other and become friends. During this quick getting to know you times, the news breaks of Rick’s fiancée sleeping with her old fiancée and it was captured on video.

They decide to break the engagement and Rick decides to still go on his honeymoon with her. He asks Ken to go along with him and thus begins Rick and Ken’s wild adventure. As they travel from LA to Baja, they get to know each other better and Ken falls deeper into his feelings for Rick. Rick starts to get more curious about sleeping with men. Rick and Ken begin an intimate affair that they say is just exploring with no feelings involved. But as anyone knows, there is no such thing as a simple affair.

On their travels, they explore the intimate side of being involved in a same sex relationship. They sleep with other people, sometimes together and sometimes alone. They learn that sometimes it’s when you’re not expecting things to happen, is when everything happens.

This book had such lush detail of the scenery. I felt as if I was along for the ride. It was beautiful and lush and just amazing what Roland did with the detail. When he described the areas where they camped and the beaches, I wanted to be right there as well.

While it has a story, is very much an erotic book. Like Roland’s previous work, there is lots of sex. Heart-pounding, it’ getting hot in here sex. I always know that by reading one of Roland’s books, there will be some hot sex to go along with his story. I will never complain about that, believe me!!

I liked the story a lot, but there was something missing from it. It has all the elements of a great story and yet, something was off to me. I think it was Rick’s character. I get being angry and still not going to let something or someone ruin your life, however, the complete flip to sleeping with Ken and the other men was just too fast for me. I didn’t really understand it.

Overall, this book was pretty good. If you’re in the mood for lush, detailed scenery and hot sex, take this book into a room with a glass or 2 of wine and let yourself be carried away.

3 Pants Off

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