Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Review: Vamp by Rob Rosen

Reviewed by Whuppsy
Vamp by Rob Rosen
MLR Press
Novel: 233pgs
3 Pants Off

Fine, the coffin in the basement was a little unusual. Certainly no more so than the mansion itself, though, or, for that matter, the humpbacked manservant that came with it, or the mysterious death of its former owner. In fact, so starts a long list of all things unusual for our unlikely hero, Jack, and his newfound and strange family, his werewolf boyfriend, the pack eager to help him, and the ancient clan that wants him dead at all costs. Know this, however, in the end, this misfit group of characters will leave you howling in the crypt aisles!

Let your bat wings soar in this fangtastic misadventure of the superunnatural!

This is the story of Jack and just how his life changes in totally unbelievable ways. He gets a call that he has a cousin who has recently passed and that he is the sole beneficiary of his estate. Jack goes to his new home and is met my Igor, his new manservant. He reads a letter that Boris left for him and he drinks a vial that was left for him. Once he does that, it’s on!!

He smells something that’s alluring to him and it drives him to leave his new home in search of the smell. He finds it in the most beautiful man he’s ever seen, Steven. Steven is actually a werewolf from another of Rob’s books, Queerwolf. In that book, Steven was the antagonist, in this book, he’s a good guy..Yeah!!

Just by drinking the vial and becoming a vampire, he now becomes the hunted. How unfortunate that his cousin, Boris didn’t tell him any information regarding who was killing off their family line. Hunted by whom and why a mystery and one  that Jack and Steven are determined to find out. While going through this adventure of his, he meets some Amazing people. A drag queen werewolf that personifies Barbra Streisand, a manservant with a hump and his extended family.

This book was filled with wonderfully snarky characters who kept you laughing and intrigued with what was going on in the story. If you like longstanding feuds between families, sarcasm and snarky and just plain good fun, this book is for you. The plot was fast moving and kept you entertained throughout the story. I love how they kept stepping up and figuring out who was after them and trying to counter-attack. I loved that even without all information given; these people kept their wits about them and worked as a team to save themselves.

This story was just a bit of everything. Romance, adventure, mystery and lots, and lots of campy good times. I laughed out loud a couple of times during this book. Mostly I snorted at the sarcastic comments. This book is one that you must read. If you’re looking something that will make you laugh and just be tickled in the very best way, this is the book for you.

3 pants Off

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