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Review: The Impetuous Afflictions of Jonathan Wolfe by Charlie Cochet

Reviewed by Whuppsy
The Impetuous Afflictions of Jonathan Wolf (The Auspicious Troubles of Love #2) by Charlie Cochet
Dreamspinner Press
Novel: 204pgs
4 Pants Off

Sequel to The Auspicious Troubles of Chance The Auspicious Troubles of Love: Book Two

Eight years after leaving the deserts of Africa and the French Foreign Legion behind, Jonathan Wolfe has settled into life at Hawthorne Manor in the English countryside. Johnnie helps his adopted family run the manor and provide a safe, loving home for a new generation of “brats”: boys mistreated and discarded for their homosexuality—something all too familiar to Johnnie.

Although no longer an unruly youngster, Johnnie is as stubborn, foul-mouthed, and troublesome as ever. His recent rash behavior becomes a concern for those closest to him, especially Dr. Henry Young, the only man ever to capture Johnnie's heart. Instead of soothing him, their closeness brings Johnnie’s insecurities from an unsettling past to the surface, and leads to an explosive situation that threatens to tear them apart. Then Henry’s past catches up to them….

This is the story of Jonathan (Johnnie) Wolfe and Dr. Henry Young. These two met some years ago while working in the French Foreign Legion. They now live in the English Countryside with some of their fellow Compatriots with whom they’ve served. Johnnie is by far the most stubborn, cheeky man that I’ve read about in a LONG TIME!!

He’s got this heart of gold for the people that he loves and yet even knowing that he loves them, he just can’t help pushing them away. He knows each and everyone of the people in his life and their stories. He relates to each and everyone of them, yet his past holds him hostage from moving on and realizing that he’s truly loved and cared for.

Henry Young is this handsome, sweet, wonderful man who runs the clinic for the “Family” and also for the area in which they live. He’s adopted this sweet little boy and tries so hard to help everyone that he can. Henry has had heartbreak in the past that led him to joining the French Foreign Legion. That still haunts him to this day. But, regardless of this, he still pushes forth the will to do good whether doing his doctor work or just being the wonderful man that he is.

Now, Johnnie and Henry love each other. A LOT!! Make no mistake about how they feel about each other. The problem is that Johnnie can’t believe that he’s worthy of Henry. That Henry is too for the likes of him. The problem with that is Henry doesn’t agree. He knows Johnnie. He’s made peace with the fact that he loves Johnnie and ALL of his quirks. The one thing that he can’t get past is Johnnie’s belief that he’s not good enough for him. That’s something that Johnnie needs to work through and he can only help as much as he’s allowed.

I will say that the secondary characters were just great. I loved the “Brats”, Chance and Jacky. These guys have made a Family together and they stick together and will fight for each other. I fell for each and everyone of these characters. They each had a little something that just made me want to hug and mother them.

This book was quite good. I really liked the story. Once I realized that this was part of a series, and that these characters had been together for a while, it was easier for me to place everything together. The story flowed rather well. I wasn’t bored while reading this book. I’m not a huge historical fan and I’m sure that Charlie took literary license, but I really fell into the story and nothing else existed.

Trust me when I say that I sat down and started reading and then couldn’t do anything else until I finished and Johnnie and Henry got their HEA. If you love a book with some angst and a couple of conflicts, this book is truly what you’re looking for. The characters pull you in and won’t let you go. You will want to smack Johnnie a couple of times, but when you find out what’s holding him back, you understand just a bit more.

Get this book and fall into a great story and lose yourself in this amazing story.

4 Pants Off

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