Wednesday, December 11, 2013

ARC Review: Fish and Ghost by Rhys Ford

Fish and Ghost (Hellsinger #1) by Rhys Ford
Dreamspinner Press
Novel: 240pgs
4 Pants Off

When his Uncle Mortimer died and left him Hoxne Grange, the family’s Gilded Age estate, Tristan Pryce knew he wasn’t going to have an easy time of it. He was to be the second generation of Pryces to serve as a caretaker for the estate, a way station for spirits on their final steps to the afterlife. The ghosts were the simple part. He’d been seeing boo-wigglies since he was a child. No, the difficult part was his own family. Determined to establish Tristan’s insanity, his loving relatives hire Dr. Wolf Kincaid and his paranormal researchers, Hellsinger Investigations, to prove the Grange is not haunted.

Skeptic Wolf Kincaid has made it his life’s work to debunk the supernatural. After years of cons and fakes, he can’t wait to reveal the Grange’s ghostly activity is just badly leveled floorboards and a drafty old house. The Grange has more than a few surprises for him, including its prickly, reclusive owner. Tristan Pryce is much less insane and much more attractive than Wolf wants to admit and when his Hellsinger team unwittingly release a ghostly serial killer on the Grange, Wolf is torn between his skepticism and protecting the man he’d been sent to discredit.

Wolf Kincaid's job is to debunk the whole Supernatural everything. You have a pestering ghost, he'll come in and prove that it doesn't exist and likely your ass was in a con. So he doesn't know what to think when people show up asking him to prove that their nephew is unstable because he claims to see ghosts and might run a little hotel for them. Call Kincaid in, for the sheer purpose of blowing that shit out of the water and wanting to see what kind of person leads their family to wanting to have him committed. So he takes the case and brings his team to once again prove the absurdity of ghosts and the remarkables of science. He wasn't expecting Tristan Pryce and the crazy of The Grange.

Tristan has lived his whole life with ghosts and is used to the skeptics and his family thinking him crazy. It’s no surprise when a team shows up to prove that he's making shit up but its al types of surprising when it comes to Wolf. First, he's there to try to prove he's insane, second he's disturbing the hell out of his guests, and third the man is just too attractive for his own good. Tristan can't just up and kick out but if its ghosts their looking for, its ghosts they are going to get (even if they don't make it out alive).

Shit goes crazy when Wolf's assistants get in a lover's quarrel and a engagement rings gets thrown into a pond letting all hell loose. Releasing a psychotic serial killer loose on the grounds of The Grange and ruining the one home Tristan has ever known. The ghosts are in whack, Tristan was almost murdered by a psychotic granny, and Wolf might have to start believing that ghosts and crazy might be a legit thing, who knew? Then there are all these feelings between Wolf and Tristan which further complicates thing. But feeling aside, it’s time for them to go all ghostfacers and bring crazy granny down before she murders everything in sight. First things first, you can't bring a ghost down without calling mom.

Can I just say that a Rhys Ford book is always entertaining. Her characters are two parts sexy and three parts crazy and they always steal a bit of my heart. I love the innocence of Tristan and how he takes a firm stand when it comes to his ghost hotel (believe him or not, he's gonna keep on keeping on). Wolf has that bad boy defiance air about him, and there is no way you'll remain with your pants on. So many quirky characters jammed pack in a very entertaining read.

Should You Read It? All fans of Rhys should be on this one like white on rice cus trust me it’s crazier on the inside. While not my fave Rhys Ford out there, it’s still highly entertaining and I look forward to more from Pryce and Kincaid and the all types of trouble they will be getting up to.

4 Pants Off

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