Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Pants Off Reviews IS BACK !!!!

Hello one and all,

Its been such a long time and I've missed you guys but most of all I have missed my little blog. It has been over a year since there has been some pants losing going down and that's sad. Long story short, I lost my feels for reading and blogging over a year ago and couldn't even bother with it. No fault to you guys or books or authors just couldn't be bothered.

Well I am feeling the spirit again and most of all I need it more than anything. Reading, blogging, and reviewing has always been my great escape and I need escape right now (or I'll losing my effing mind). I have some serious buttering up to do because I just disappeared with no explanation and didn't want to be mean say "Hey sorry dude. I really don't want to read your book like not even".

So there will be some old reviews that was never posted and I didn't want to just leave them out, so there will be an influx of old stuff and nothing new for a couple weeks. Gotta get shit back in order and come back with a bang and some new unique stuff. So I hope you can forgive my absence and welcome me back in your big ole gay hearts (pretty please).

P.S: You might notice the change in the overall blog and that's because I was tired of that obnoxious blue in my face. So I toned it down (just the look of the blog and not reviews).

Lots of Love

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