Thursday, October 13, 2011

Last Call Europe: Black Wolf

Last Call Europe: Black Wolf by Belinda McBride
Changeling Press
4 out of 5
3.5/5 PL Scale

Siberians live for the thrill of the chase; wolves exist for the joy of the capture. On a foolish dare, Jasper O'Shea takes a gamble at the Last Call, letting fate chose his lover for the night.

Detective Brutus "Brutal" Ballantine came to the Last Call looking for something far different than a sly, clever Siberian Husky. Yet when the call comes over the sound system, he finds himself unable to resist the lure of laughing blue eyes and a happy tail.

The chase is on, but who is the hunter, and who is the prey? 

I was completely hooked by this book from beginning to the very end. This author is becoming a new fave of mine, she’s so good I am considering reading her M/F works. For those of you, who know me; will realize that this is huge, cus M/F erotica tends to annoy the living daylights out of me. My only problem is that this book is like 100 pages too short. I wanted more of our main characters world, and I think this is why the author is just that good. With Blaque/Bleu, I never wanted it to end, could have read about them all day and never would have been bored.

Brutus is a paranormal investigator and is on the hunt for a killer. His search brings him to London and the bar Last Call. He is there for business not pleasure, until his eyes land on a red head Siberian husky, with playful eyes and wicked intents behind his sweet smile. Unable to deny his attraction to the red head Jasper, a night of wicked fun and submission leads to more than Brutus had in mind.

The hunt for a serial demon is on, and in the midst of all that Brutus is falling in love and it scares the living daylights out of him. He is the black wolf, but so much more than a wolf. accustomed to being alone, Jasper is making him feel things that he never thought possible, he was supposed to be just a one night f*ck. Throw in a battle that could cost them both their lives, and you have one exciting short read. A little BDSM with a twist, mmmmm I lurve.

One thing you can expect from Belinda is an exciting story, the sex is not plentiful but when it happens; IT HAPPENS. This is all about story telling, and in these very short pages, you know every character without the ongoing details. Another solid read.

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