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Boats in the Night

Boats in the Night by Josephine Myles
Novel: 165pages
4.5 out of 5

Like two ships passing in the night—if one was a narrowboat and the other a luxury yacht.

Disgraced private school teacher Giles Rathbourne has been sent home on extended sick-leave and is stuck in a rut of obsessive housework and drinking. His ex may have been a snobbish bastard, but without him, Giles is adrift, rattling around his huge, lonely house. When a dreadlocked narrowboater’s engine breaks down at the end of his canal-side garden, Giles is furious at this invasion of his privacy—for a while.

Smutty might not have ever held down a proper job, but the fire-dancing, free-spirited traveller can recognise an opportunity for mutual benefit when he sees it. Giles’ extensive gardens are in as desperate need of attention as the upper-class hunk is himself, whereas Smutty knows a thing or two about plants and needs a place to moor up.

A simple business arrangement between two men who have nothing else in common? It would be—if they could keep their hands off each other!

I often times start reading a book without expecting anything extraordinary, the blurb sounds interesting and I say to myself “yep, go ahead and read it”. In most circumstances, the book is just an all right read, and then you have those other times when you get so much more than expected. This time was one of those, Boats in the Night captured a piece if me. Miss Myles writing is superb and honest, the characters are flawed and I find that simply perfect. It was a surprise how much I loved the characters and the story, and kept thinking about them long after I had finished reading about them.

Giles Rathbourne is trying to get back on track after coming out of a bad relationship and bad break-up. He is one drink away from being an alcoholic, and he recently flipped on his co-workers. So facing no job, no boyfriend the drink is sounding very good. Giles lives in his childhood home that has view of the British Canal, and its high living (aka, he’s a bit of a snob). Feeling down and alone, Giles has pretty much had it, until the rumbling of a narrow boat comes a knocking at his backdoor (not as pervy as it sounds).

Smutty is a traveler, what you would call a free spirit. He is fire dancer, which earned him the nickname Smutty, cus he’s ashy and dirty when he’s done but it could be cus he’s a very dirty boy. Though he’s all carefree, Smutty has had his share of experiences some good and others very bad. He keeps on smiling and living, never staying in one place for a lengthy periods of time. Until his eyes land on the uptight and haughty Giles, the man looks likes he needs saving and Smutty feels like he should be the one to do it though it might not be the best idea.

The theme here is opposites attracts. Giles and Smutty are as different as night and day which creates the perfect balance. Where Giles has had only one serious relationship with his douche bag of an ex. Smutty has been there, done that and something else. The two together is written splendidly, I could not put the book down. Every character introduced holds your attention, even the ever present asshole that is Fabian (Giles’s ex). He is the person you hate and hope to meet on the street corner in hopes that a bus would accidentally drive by and hit him (maybe that’s just me). The contrast between Giles’s now lover and then lover is a major change.

The writing moves with wicked fluidity and I was entertained through out, Smutty is one of my new fave characters. He is honest and just says everything like it is. No mincing of the words. Giles was annoying in the beginning but as the book went on, I really liked him. Hanging with Fabian the fake made him prickly, so I can forgive him.

I only have one beef with this book, and it’s the little twist offered up in the ending (highly predictable). I was hoping and praying that the author would not go there but I am a sinner so my prayers went unanswered. I did not like it at all! Talk about an unnecessary turn of events. Plus, I just cannot see Smutty being friends/lovers with someone so rotten. Not a shining part of the book, ruined what could have been deemed perfection by me.

Overall, I really loved this one, and Ms Myles just made it on my must authors to read list. It’s a refreshing romance about the two least likely people to fall in love. Smutty and Giles together are hot as hell but sweet as can be. I guarantee a pants losing.

4 1/2 Pants Off

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  1. This was such a sweet love story, I enjoyed the leads a lot although I admit that I love opposite attract stories, but I think they were a great couple. I wasn’t happy with the ending but I definitely will be reading more of her books.

  2. It was really sweet Brie, I never expected it to be so good. I love surprises!

    One of my fave reads for the year.


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