Friday, April 13, 2012

Just Desserts by Scarlet Blackwell

Just Desserts (Table for Two #1) by Scarlet Blackwell
Samhain Publishing
Short Story: 47pgs
Rating: 4/5

The pen is mightier than the cleaver... French chef Luc Tessier is five-star successful. His cookery program on TV is rated as high as his restaurant, and casual flings are his specialty. The only stain on his toque is Daniel Sheridan, an English food critic who has made it his business to ruin Luc's reputation. The only way to clarify this particular pat of butter is to invite the critic to dine and bury the hatchet-preferably in Daniel's back. The moment he lays eyes on Daniel, however, Luc's thoughts turn from sauces to seduction. Daniel definitely finds Luc appetizing, but he plays it cool. He never wants to be anyone's toy, ever again. Yet in the face of Luc's relentless pursuit, he's finding it harder to keep the flamboyant chef at arm's length. A cooking competition on a remote Scottish island seems the perfect way to put some distance between them. Until Luc shows up to compete, determined to win not only the trophy, but Daniel's heart... Warning: Ingredients include two extremely hot men determined to come up with a whole new definition for "sizzling." Explicit use of food items could incite spontaneous nekkid food fights.

I was very surprised by Just Desserts, for a quick read around 47 pages, this book truly was a splendidly written piece. Our two male characters were unique, funny and just all kinds of sexy. I was expecting fluff and sex, but I got a delightful story based around food, wrapped in passion and had one of the most delightful characters I had the privilege to read so far this year. Luc Tessier is all kinds of wickedly sexy, brooding and hilarious.

So Luc is a renowned French chef, his cuisine is vegetarian and it is very good. He knows he is the man, and he has the swagger that goes with it, comes as no surprise that his ego might be bigger than the country he lives in. Luc is also a man slut, he has many bed partners and if he sees someone he wants, he takes them down like a lion to his prey. Everyone wants a piece of Luc Tessier except one, and he goes by the name of Daniel Sheridan a British critic who goes after Luc with teeth and claws. Luc hates him!

With an invite sent out Luc decides, he is going to make Daniel his most amazing meal ever so the stuffy Brit can eat his words. He was expecting an old guy with messed up teeth who smelled like cabbage(surprised), what he gets is the most beautiful man he has ever seen. With seduction on his mind, he goes in for his prey and lands him. The after part leads to a falling out, but the one night together might just be the best sex of his life and he starts with the world’s best courting.

I loved Luc he was dangerously hilarious; the things he says just had me laughing aloud. He was just such a dark funny character, he had unconventional thinking and it made this short little story exceptional. Daniel was also quite wonderful, seems this stuffy Brit has a potty mouth and it works. Told mostly through Luc’s POV we do get a glimpse into Daniels thinking. Quite a quick good read worth your time, it is a wonderful story about food, sex and the pleasures of falling in love. I was laughing from the very first page to the last. If all Scarlett Blackwell’s books carries this kind of humour then I am jumping on her reading train.

4 Pants Off


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