Sunday, April 15, 2012

What's Happening This Week!

Howdy folks, hope you had a wonderful week and happy Sunday. Time is blazing by and the weather can't seem to make up its bloody mind. One day its all sunny and summery and the next its raining and freezing my ass off. I'm alive and healthy so I won't complain too much.

Lots of fantabulous stuff coming this week, and just a few announcements. I will be adding a guest reviewer, an online friend of mine for a long time. Her name is Buggy and she`s awesmazing, we've been friends before I started reading M/M and before I joined goodreads. So it's been quite awhile. She has decided to help me out with a few reviews a month, and that makes me happy. The less I have to review the happier it makes me *teehee*. So give a warm welcome to Buggy when one of her reviews go live.

This Friday, my youngest will be turning three and I am just amazed at how the time is going. I am happy though that he's moving out of the terrible 2s, because believe me he was terrible. He is just so sweet and beautiful that he gets away with everything. Ma baby boy! Alrighty, without me getting anymore sentimental, here's whats causing a pants losing this week.

Tuesday: Power Play: Resistance by Cat Grant and Rachel Haimowitz- YAY Kinkapalooza

Wednesday: Guest Post with Andrea Speed- As apart of her Josh of the Damn Triple Feature Blog Tour

Thursday: OMFG! This Book Has Been On My TBR 4-Ever. So Now I'm Gonna Read Its Ass!
  • Under My Skin II by M.L Rhodes
  • Duncan's World by T.A Chase

Friday: Under the Gun by Michael Mandrake
  • Guest Post with Michael Mandrake 

*That's it for this week folks. Remember to keep it sexy and lose your pants.*

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