Sunday, June 3, 2012

What's Happening This Week

Howdy folks, I missed ya guys last week due to my laziness. Well this week I have plans, and here is to hoping I keep on schedule. It's been a sad realization these past few weeks but I have decided not to dwell it. My boys are healthy, we have food and shelter, and I think those are very good things.

It's a new month and my oldest turns six on Monday, where is the time going? June has some great author stops, giveaways, and interviews. Of course there is also reviews, there might be a lot more this month since reading will be my picker upper. So folks I will stop rambling and tell you what's causing a pants losing this week.

Monday: Review- Dammit by Michele Montgomery
  • Review- The Walls Have Ears by Erica Pike (I freaking loved this short)

Tuesday: Review- Cocktales by Jeff Erno

Thursday: Review- Subject 13 by Ethan Stone
  • Review- Dear Diary by Allison Cassatta
Friday: Interview with Ethan Stone (I am such a fangirl for Ethan. I could ask him questions all day!)

Saturday: It's Saturday Shout-Out and the lucky book is Truth or Dare by Lee Brazil (Love this series) 

~Have a lovely week everyone~

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