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Review: Cold Moon by M.J O'Shea

Cold Moon (Moon #3) by M.J O'Shea
Harmony Ink Press
Novel: 180pgs
4 Pants Off

Charlie Fitzgerald is sick of being the kid nobody takes seriously. His older brother Colin is fighting vampires and other troublemakers in New York City, and Charlie wants in on the action—but no one will listen. Then he overhears the lycan council is looking for a human emissary to take a message of peace to a werewolf in the forests of Romania, and Charlie decides he's the man for the job.

Xan is furious: his best friend, Charlie, one of the Fitzgeralds he's vowed to protect, is walking into danger, and Xan chases him all the way to the freezing Romanian forest to save his stubborn butt. When Charlie is almost killed, Xan realizes he feels much more than friendship for his charge, and emotions that have been bubbling under the surface of his calm fa├žade threaten to boil over and flood them both.

They end up in the middle of a political mess involving lycans, werewolves, and nosy vampires, and if they make it out alive, the friendship between the headstrong hunter and his bullheaded protector might turn into a love neither can live without.

Cold Moon is the third book in the Moon series and I gotta say I really enjoyed it. I had to go back and revisit Hunter's Moon the second book in the series since I first read it over 3yrs ago and I needed a refresher on the characters. I still very much liked that book, and Cold Moon is next to fall in my good graces, where Blood Mood was all "Meh" for me the final two books sealed the deal on enjoyability and I love these band of merry supernatural hunters and the people they fall in love with.

Charlie Fitzgerald is from a long line of Hunters, his legacy dates back generations and so his career is already set n stone. His parents are hunters, and his older brothers are hunters so it makes sense that he would be one too cus it’s been like his forever dream. Yet, his family is failing to begin his training and he is getting tired of his mundane life. Getting up going to school and pretending like everything is easy does it when he knows there are Supernatural beings out there (pencil to the eye please). All he has his best friend for like forever and he needs to get the hell away from dodge and find a little excitement.

Excitement comes in the form of him not being Mr Know It All after-all, cus like epic bombs of info has been dropped that turn his world upside down. Charlie suddenly feels small, and the person he trusted most and thought he knew better than anyone in the world his BF Xan ends up hurting him the most. Well Charlie is gonna put his big girl panties on and persevere, and that means taking on the family business all by his lonesome. He does something most stupid, so stupid but hopefully this will show everyone he's not just the youngest anymore and can legit get all the jobs done. Too bad he ended up needing his Xan but maybe not so bad afterall.

I really liked reading this, it’s pretty much all fluff and stuff but the characters are enjoyable and it felt like visiting old friends. My least fave thing is the relationship between Xan and Charlie; they just weren't in it to win it for me. I guess it could be because I was expecting all types of intense feels, they're cute but their friends to lovers’ story just didn't do it for me, which sucks because that’s one of my fave tropes.

Hands down M.J O'Shea is becoming a fave author of mine. I seem to like her work the more I read her books, after Catch my Breath and now Cold Moon I'll most definitely will grab this author's books anytime. I love the feel good feels, enjoyable characters, and just overall good times. While this mostly would be considered corn syrup, sometimes we need a little sweet to feel good. The Moon series is enjoyable with the right amount of sexy and atmosphere for god YA novels.

4 Pants Off
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