Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pants Off New Reviewer!!!

I am once again announcing a new addition to the Pants Off Crew \o/ Hannah came highly recommended and I am so super excited she came on board. Please help me in welcoming Hannah, and show her some serious love.

Here is a more about her

'Hi, I'm Hannah. I spend most of my time being bitter about the great injustice of being born a straight female, so escape into the much sexier world of M/M erotica/romance, until I get to come back in the next life as a gay man who looks like Ryan Gosling...and if I don't I'll be having serious words with the man upstairs. I have no in-between, I either get completely obsessed by something or I am uninterested, this will be reflected in my reviews :)'


Be sure to keep a lookout for Hannah, her reviews go live on Monday.


  1. Welcome, Hannah! Hope you have a lot of fun reading and reviewing. :)


  2. Welcome Hannah! I'm looking forward to your review of Tigers and Devils, is that the new edition? :)



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